Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waiting for the Blue Knight

The proofs are in, changes are made, now we wait for Tales of the Blue Knight: Becoming a Knight. I am waiting for my book to be set at the printer and it will be published. They will send me a copy of each to proof and make certain that the printer setup didn't mess up formatting. I am now moving on to marketing. I am working on printing the materials i will need (business card, bookmarks and postcards). I was told about a great site that prints them for cheap called (thank you Robin).

I am very proud of this book, it was the first novel that I ever wrote and I have a draft of the sequel written and the third book mapped out. I actually started writing this book back on college and my last teacher encouraged me to keep writing after I graduated. I remember sitting in his office and being blown away when he told me to take a menial job after school to give myself time to write. That was Wayne Ude, he is a great teacher.

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